From creepy and crawly to cuddly and cute, animals rule the landscape. At the Nashville Zoo, hundreds of the world’s animals call Nashville home. From anacondas to zebras, everyone’s favorite critter is represented. Reptiles, arthropods, birds, mammals, fish, and amphibians are all ready and waiting for visitors. Energy is high by the clouded leopard but relaxation is key when observing the two-toed sloth. The African-crested porcupine is prickly and the pit viper sinister.

Delve deeper into the workings of the zoo with a backstage tour where groups get to learn insider knowledge from animal trainers and caregivers. Meet and greet animal ambassadors in select areas. Daily events include interactive shows and other events.

Stop into the Kangaroo Kickabout and greet critters from the land down under. Here folks can walk through the red kangaroo enclosure where animals hop up to say hello. Other friendly animals await soft pats and gentle touches in the Critter Encounter. Animals in this part of the Nashville property include goats, Galapagos turtles, alpaca, birds and more. Other feathered friends are searching for a handout in the Lorikeet Landing. Food cups for these colorful little beings are available for purchase. Birds say thanks by ruffling feathers, perching on fingers and accepting the offering. The Jungle Gym is a perfect break for parents. Little ones can run ramped jumping and sliding while parents kick back and watch them play. Fly high over giraffes and rhinos by hopping on board the Soaring Eagle Zip Line.

Members Make the Most of Nashville Property 

Many families living in Nashville homes become members of the Nashville Zoo. The best part about becoming a member is knowingly giving support to the animals through your membership package. Other perks include unlimited admission, parking, special member events, discounted tickets. Renew or purchase a new membership today. Hours to the Nashville Zoo are seasonal and can be found online. Purchase and print your tickets ahead of time here.