Family time is filled with fun on Brentwood real estate. At the Brentwood Skate Center happy faces are everywhere you look. Roller Skating has been an American pastime for decades with generations rolling around frontwards, backwards and having a great time. Transcending any age gap parents can get in on the action with their offspring creating cherished times and fabulous memories.

Lights. Music. Action. Skating sessions begin when the tunes start. The lights go down and bursts of color brighten up the joint. A state of the art special effects system features black lights, neon lights, strobes and spotlights. Energy is high as mirror balls turn casting sparkles of light round and round mimicking skater’s movements. In the Skate Shop, skating enthusiasts shop for skates and accessories. Expert staff on the Brentwood property are on hand to assist with fittings and installation of bearings and wheels.

Roll into Fun on Brentwood Property

The Brentwood Skate Center gives time to everyone. Families rule the weekend with designated blockouts on the calendar. The littlest of skaters get their own time too, creating a relaxed atmosphere to learn how to roll with the punches. Teens take their time as they gossip, flirt and skate all at once. Teen times provide a safe place for kids to get together without getting into trouble. Adults need playtime too, and the third Sunday of the month is just for them.

You never know who you’ll run into at the Brentwood Skate Center. As a social hub in the Brentwood real estate area frequent visitors vary from regular joes to some very famous faces including Miley Cyrus and Alison Krauss. The building even set the scene for popular American Idol artist, Kellie Pickler’s Don’t You Know Your Beautiful video. Next time your in take a minute to look around, the person you’re skating next to may be more than a familiar face but a famous one as well.